Role: Sales & Marketing of premium beers
Profile: Marketing & Business students

IM 918 - Internship Marketing & Sales department of a brewery company in Mauritius This is one of the leading companies in Mauritius. They produce and distribute many different beer products and the student will work on the marketing strategy of one of the brands. They often introduce new products as well and the students will be involved in the introduction campaign of new beverages for the Mauritian Market. IM 918 - Stage département Marketing & Sales d'une société de…

Role: Involved in Export to Europe
Profile: Business, Languages

This companies exports a lot of its products to Europe and the student will work in the export department where they can use their European Languages.

Role: Assistant Sales Manager
Profile: Leisure Management, Tourism & Hotel School, Business, Event Management, French

The internship focuses on selling events to the local market for dinners, drinks, presentations and conferences for local companies. The student will work alongside the sales manager.

Role: Being involved in receiving corporate groups from Europe
Profile: Leisure Management, Event Management

The student will work in the Incentive Department of one of the leading tour operators in Mauritius. The department sells incentive travel to mainly European Corporate Customers. The student will learn about all the tourist events in Mauritius.

Role: Assisting Brand Manager
Profile: Marketing, International Business

The student works closely with the brand manager to assist in the sales and marketing of the consumer products. The clients are mainly the hotels in Mauritius.

Role: Back office export sales
Profile: Business, English, and another European language

This is an internship in one of the companies of a textile group. You will be working either for a knitwear company or for a shirt manufacturer, dealing with the customers in Europe and in the USA.

Role: Assistant Marketing Manager
Profile: Business / Marketing / PR, English, French

Sales & Marketing Assistant, selling the hotel to tour operators, mainly in Europe.

Role: Carry out a full customer survey for all customers
Profile: Business / Marketing / Commercial / Retail Management / Sales Students

[caption id="attachment_2449" align="aligncenter" width="960"] Marketing Internship Stage Praktikum Heavy Equipment Mauritius[/caption] Marketing Internship Stage Praktikum Heavy Equipment Mauritius IM AA 1112 - Marketing Internship Stage Praktikum Heavy Equipment Mauritius Carry out a full customer survey (Around 150 customers) for their perception of the products and services and to assess their level of satisfaction. This will be the main task of the student. He/She will have to determine the needs of the clients and determine the drivers to customer satisfaction. The survey…

Role: Marketing Support to the Marketing Team / General Manager
Profile: Commercial / Small Business / SME Management / Marketing / International Business Students

[caption id="attachment_2338" align="aligncenter" width="960"] Marketing Internship Stage Praktikum Textile Company Mauritius[/caption]   Marketing Internship Stage Praktikum Textile Company Mauritius IM AA 1107 Marketing Internship Stage Praktikum Textile Company Mauritius This factory produces knitted garments, such as t-shirts, polo's and tops. Garments for men, ladies, boys, girls and babies & mostly for the European markets. 1. Update of website 2. Upgrade of catalogue with all new products with photos and codes are to be made. 3. Classification of all products as per…

Role: Work on Research and Development to increase Market Share.
Profile: Logistics Students

[caption id="attachment_2434" align="aligncenter" width="960"] Logistics Internship,Stage,Praktikum Logistics Company Mauritius[/caption] Logistics Internship,Stage,Praktikum Logistics Company Mauritius   IM AA 1023 - Logistics Internship,Stage,Praktikum Logistics Company Mauritius The student will be working in the sales department of this logistics company and work on research and development to increase market share. Assist in marketing our freight forwarding service Ensure that request for quotations are answered within 24 hours Help to grow its market share Ensure that freight files are handled and completed as per company…